HIP Holiday Luncheon

Please join Dr. Philip Zimbardo and Apollo Robbins at a magical Holiday Luncheon on December 15 to support and celebrate The Heroic Imagination Project. (Purchase tickets here)

Dr. Zimbardo, recognized worldwide as an expert in social influence, will give a dynamic presentation on everyday heroism, and how personal actions fueled by moral courage can be the antidote to corruption, injustice, and evil deeds.

His Heroic Imagination Project helps individuals and groups take effective and wise action at crucial moments in their lives to stand up against violence, bullying, and corruption.

apollorobinssmallerThen there will be an interactive presentation by internationally known master illusionist, Apollo Robbins, demonstrating how easily our expectations can impact our attention, perceptions & decision making.

Finally, University of Southern California student, Elizabeth Seibert, will speak about her experience with HIP lessons and her plans for bringing HIP lessons to sororities at USC.

This event is perfect for adults and children of all ages. Space is limited, so please purchase your tickets soon. Attendance includes lunch and a signed copy of Dr. Zimbardo’s prize-winning book, “The Lucifer Effect”.

Find full details and purchase tickets by clicking here for Eventbrite.

We look forward to sharing this celebration with you!

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