Over the 2010-2012 academic calendar years, four pilot intervention programs were conducted by the Heroic Imagination Project in three schools in California. These pilots centered on creating lasting positive change in students in two domains: situational awareness and mindset. In all pilots, positive gains were observed in the students across a number of constructs in both domains, compared to students who had not received the materials.

Results of the HIP Education Pilot Programs

HIP was introduced in Italy in 2014 and students participated in the Growth Mindset and Bystander lessons between November 2014 and January 2015. “The main objective was to assess the effectiveness of these educational programs within a cultural setting and a school system that were unquestionably different to those found in America.”

Here is the impact report assessing the effectiveness of the program with the Italian students:

A preliminary investigation into the Sicilian school setting

Our friends in Italy have graciously provided follow up reports on the efficacy of the HIP Mindset and Bystander lessons at four schools in Sicily, conducted during 2016. These reports show the statistically significant changes in the students’ mindsets and knowledge after engaging with the HIP lessons. They also show the high percentages of students who  felt the course was important and enjoyable.

Vittorio Emanuele II School

Maria Adelaide School

Cannizzaro School

Istituto Medi School