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HIP Corporate Development

The Heroic Imagination Project’s Corporate Mission is to help develop in organizations of all kinds the mindset and practical skills that are needed to stand up, speak out and act with integrity even in the face of opposition, challenge or fear.

Recent ethical business scandals around the world have highlighted the need for business leaders and those who work with them to act in accordance with core personal, as well as declared organizational, values such as transparency, integrity and honesty. When faced with difficult and challenging circumstances, it is especially important that we have leaders who are equipped to act in accord with such values and who encourage and support others to do so.

Our Workshops

Based on the findings of social psychology research we provide a range of workshops that develop:

1. A clear understanding of the psychological processes that underlie challenging social situations and the unwanted behaviors they can produce.
2. Skills and tools to analyze and effectively respond to social pressures when they arise.
3. A commitment to building and maintaining cultures of increased transparency, openness, and ethical behavior.


This benefits organizations in at least three ways:

-  Leaders and organizational members who are empowered to act in accordance with personal and organizational values even in complex and challenging situations.
-  The improved employee engagement and productivity that comes with trust and confidence in leadership.
-  Reduced risk of unethical behavior and decision-making that can start small and rapidly escalate.

HIP works directly with companies to provide training and advisory services, and by working with strategic partners (business schools, consultancies) around the world to use and develop our materials which we continuously evaluate and improve.

Contact Michael Pearn, our Director of Corporate Consulting: Michael@heroicimagination.org