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Our Services

Our training and development program provides a range of workshops that can be run on a stand-alone basis or adapted for incorporation within existing programs.

Awareness Workshops

These tailored workshops are designed specifically for leaders and people managers to examine the business issues surrounding ethical behavior (or the lack of it) and how to go beyond mere encouragement to do the right thing by developing practical skills in interpreting situations, and using proven tools that lead to effective action.

In particular, the workshops address a range of issues including:

- What does it mean in practice to act with integrity and transparency?
- What are the potential benefits of increasing honesty, openness and accountability in the organization?
- What stops people doing what they think is right?
- How to turn values into observed behavior.
- Using the skills and insights of Situational Awareness to unlock the potential in people to do the right thing (resist unwanted pressure, take the initiative to intervene, speak up).
- Implications for the organization.
- The workshops typically last one and a half to three hours, depending on the desired balance between awareness of issues and skill building.

Skill Development Workshops

These workshops build on generic skills such as Situation Awareness, combined with more focus on the development of specific skills. They have been specifically designed to produce behavior change and not just to increase knowledge and understanding. These materials can be adapted, modified and combined for use in a variety of contexts.

We currently offer five skill development modules:

  1. 1. Analyzing Situations
  2. 2. Intervening Effectively
  3. 3. Using Authority Wisely
  4. 4. Harnessing Conformity
  5. 5. Going beyond “Them and Us”

Other services include individual coaching based on objective assessment of needs, and systematic audits of perceived culture and practice.

Contact Michael Pearn, our Director of Corporate Consulting: Michael@heroicimagination.org