Dr. Zimbardo’s Thoughts on the U.S. Presidential Election

Donald Trump’s election as President of the USA in January 2017 is a significant part of a global reaction against internationalism, liberalism, democracy and diversity of all kinds. Instead, it moves the world backwards towards nationalism, xenophobia, and intolerance. It showed up in the Brexit vote in England, and also in the rise of right-wing anti-immigrant parties all over Europe, notably in Orban’s Hungarian parliament, and in France, Italy, and elsewhere. We can see this new negativity in the authoritarianism and increasing aggressiveness of Putin’s Russia, Fundamentalist Islam, and threats to the survival of the European Union. Totalitarianism is rearing its ugly head everywhere.

In the new Divided States of America, replacing the old United States of America, we can expect to see a rise of right wing Christianity, as now exists in Poland’s new Law and Justice government.

The next presidential election in 2020 seems far away, but all forces of good must now begin to organize creatively and collaboratively to win over the forces of evil that will likely rule America till then– but we can never allow its extension beyond that term!

The time has never been more vital for us to inspire a new generation of Everyday Heroes, among our youth and elders, who are ready, willing and able to stand up, speak out, and take wise, effective actions in challenging situations in their lives—every day, in every nation. We are dedicated to opposing evil in all of its many forms, at individual, situational and systemic levels, by having moral courage at the core of our daily socio-centric actions. We must be champions of the beauty of diversity in race, religion, ethnicity, gender and generational differences. In doing so, we are each enriched as vital parts of this universal mosaic.

Written by Dr. Zimbardo on location in Bali.


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