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Goals and Objectives

One of the primary goals of our education program is to arm students with the science of social influence. It is an original HIP hypothesis that teaching students about the psychological processes involved in group dynamics through research examples and real world stories, while simultaneously engaging them in skill-building activities to mindfully resist negative forms of social influence, will help render students less susceptible to poor decision making in complex or challenging situations. Click here to learn more about specific forms of social influences and their consequences.

It is our goal to widen each student’s range of adaptive responses to any social situation, decrease the chance that they will be persuaded to act against their better judgment, and increase the likelihood that they will take responsibility in an unclear situation and help others in need.

We also teach students to successfully initiate social change. Students are taught how to leverage their resources, set goals around social issues, and create effective plans to achieve those goals. They are taught to counter their ‘small-success blindness’, by finding things that are going well in a mixed system, and to reverse engineer those ‘bright spots’ to generate similar success in a new domain.

Finally, based on the work of Prof. Carol Dweck, we teach our students the science and value of posessing a growth mindset and engage them in activites which help them to believe that they can learn and endlessly develop their intellectual and social skills.