Everyday Hero Testimonial ~ Australia

Thank you to Hero Town Geelong for sharing this letter they received from one of their training attendees, along with the following statement:

“This feedback is from a young man, working as a professional educator, who participated in a brief hero training session in Australia. Shortly after, he experienced an opportunity to act as an everyday hero and reached out to share it with us. We love that it incorporates all aspects of hero training, resulting in action within seconds. It is inspiring to see the strength of his resolve to help, even after only basic exposure to the HIP concepts. Despite the tragic circumstances, the value of the training is solidified in his mind.”

I’m driving along the main road out of town, following a camper van, and a big 4WD ute plowed into it. Head on. At about 100km/h. It looked really bad.
My heart sank.
My first aid training was 5 years ago. I thought, “S***! I’m not going to be able to do anything to help here!”
But almost immediately (no joke) after that, a thought about Hero Town popped into my head and reminded me about the bystander effect and your hero training.
I’m not even kidding, like it’s been a split second since the collision and I’m thinking about what you guys told me. From that I realized I couldn’t waste any time, and had to help in whatever way I could.
I got out and it was every bit as awful as I imagined. Somehow I kept my cool, and instructed someone to call the ambulance. One girl was unconscious and not breathing. I was able to gently lift her head, clear her airway and she started breathing again.
I have never experienced anything so amazing as that moment.
I just held the girl until the paramedics arrived. They assured me I had done the right thing. Unfortunately she passed away a few days later after the family switched off her life support. She had severe head trauma the moment the accident happened. There was nothing more anyone could have done.
The family reached out to thank me, because they had the opportunity to fly out and say goodbye. That’s the silver lining.
So I really have to pass on that thank you to you. I genuinely believe the reason I acted as decisively as I did was as a direct result of the training
It got me thinking about the work you do and showed me that the training you do doesn’t necessarily have to be involved or complex to be effective.
Even basic heroism training can be the difference between someone deciding to step in and assist, or flounder about.
Clearly the work you’re doing has enormous life-saving and positive life-changing potential because I got first-hand experience of it working.
I’ll just reiterate so you know I’m not embellishing here, your message was, no kidding, absolutely, literally one of the first things that came to mind when the accident happened… “came to mind” is probably inadequate, more like flooded in strongly and stayed with me for the ordeal.
So thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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