Everyday Superhero event in San Francisco – October 1, 2017

We are pleased to be supporting a Free, Family-Friendly “Everyday Superhero” event in San Francisco on October 1st, from 12 noon to 4pm outside the Asian Art Museum at the Corner of Larkin + Fulton.
Two young children in homemade hero capes stand in a museum

You are an everyday superhero to someone!

Stop by en route to the Target Free Sunday at the Asian Art Museum and explore 1) how you are an everyday superhero and 2) how someone in your community has been a personal superhero to you. You’ll have the opportunity to design and make two capes, one for yourself and one for your superhero friend / family member. We’re going to make good use of that infamous Civic Center wind tunnel and will have a professional photoshoot of each superhero – you, in your bellowing cape! – on the Superhero Runway.

And if your own personal superhero is around, bring ’em along and surprise them with a superhero cape ♥

Other multi-sensory experiences include the everyday superhero walk of fame, comic making, and live archive stations.

In collaboration with Philip Zimbardo‘s Heroic Imagination Project and Stanford CCARE (Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education)

Featuring local Bay Area artists Rebecca Saylor and Marie Applegate.

The Living Innovation Zone Program

The LIZ program makes public spaces available to experiment with temporary, creative installations that encourage people to connect with each other and the city while testing out ideas for long-range urban design transformations. This program is a part of an interagency team called Groundplay that is managed by San Francisco Planning. The Art/Lit LIZ is a collaboration between the Asian Art Museum, Main Public Library, Civic Center Community Benefit District, San Francisco Planning and the Civic Center Commons Initiative, designed and constructed by Youth Art Exchange.


The Village Artist Program
The Village Artist Program (VAP) is offered by the Asian Art Museum and aims to support creative development directly aligned with growing and sustaining consistent community engagement amongst those who frequent the Civic Center Commons. The purpose of this program is to create a public platform via the Village Artists work that invites the community to explore and promote expression, creativity while deepening connection and compassion.


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