HIP 2016 Global Impact Report

Hello from HIP headquarters in San Francisco! As we ease our way further into this new year, we wanted to take a look back at all that was accomplished by our partners, members and friends around the world.

The Heroic Imagination Project has active organizational and institutional partners in Poland, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Iran, and this year have begun working with groups in the Czech Republic and Canada. New individual members hail from California, Oregon, Argentina, Germany and England!

At the end of every year, our partners, trainers, and volunteers share with us how the research and lessons, created by HIP, are impacting their communities. The trainings cause a ripple effect and help start important conversations as people everywhere want to bring about positive change.

2016 Accomplishments: 
– Successful HIP Holiday Fundraiser in December (photos here!).
– Heroes’ Square in Hungary has reached upwards of 40,000 students!
-A group in Italy has brought native and refugee students together to learn the lessons and start an inclusive dialogue.

Near-term Plans for 2017
-Opening of our first official HIP training center in the U.S.
-Programming at University of Southern California.
-New HIP training center in Prague.
-Opportunities for online training.


Please read the complete report for a full view of our reach last year across the globe.
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