HIP at Central Oregon Community College: 2016 Recap

Thank you to HIP Professional Member Andria Woodell for sharing with us a recap of the wonderful work done by her students with the HIP lessons at Central Oregon Community College. She has designed a program in which college students become proficient at teaching the HIP Bystander Intervention and Growth Mindset lessons, and then go out and pass on the messages to others. We thought our community would be interested in seeing the impact that can be made by students taking action in their communities. Please get in touch if you are a student or professor interested in starting a HIP project on your campus!

2016 Recap at Central Oregon Community College

In 2016, Central Oregon Community College trained two groups of HIP students. In Winter 2016, the students presented to a psychology class and a human development class for training. The groups finished the training term with two all-campus presentations. In Spring 2016, the students started the community outreach portion of the project. The remaining students presented to the American Association of University Women luncheon,  the COCC Criminal Justice Program’s junior police academy, and at the OAEYC conference for early childhood education. In addition, the students taught Bystander Intervention and Mindset lessons to a Culver High School Class and to Cascade Crest Transitions, a program that assists at risk young adults.

Many of the HIP students graduated and several went on to attend University of Oregon in Eugene. The students who have remained in Bend are finishing up their AAOTs or have transferred on to Oregon State Cascades. Daniel Gardner, one of our Bystander students, launched a campus wide initiative to “Live the Golden Rule” as a way to continue on the work he started with HIP. His campus club purchased bracelets and hosted a series of speakers from different backgrounds to explore the concept of compassion and the understanding of the “golden rule” from cultural, professional or personal perspectives.

Three of the past HIP students from last year’s cohorts are currently serving as student mentors for our two new eager groups that just launched this winter. Hats off to the 2016 COCC HIP teams!


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