The Heroic Imagination has many partners around the world. Some of them run our official training programs as individual, organizational or institutional members, while others are simply friends doing good work. You can find them all below.

Map of our members:


HIP Organizational Members

Hero Town Geelong, Australia –

Hősök Tere, Hungary –

Tara Center, Iran –

Projekt Bohaterskiej Wyobraźni, Poland –,

HIP Italia –

YMCA of SF – Urban Services, California –


HIP Institutional Members

The Green School, Bali –

Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary –

Catholic University of Porto, Portugal

Doha College, Qatar

Police Orientation Preparation Program, Los Angeles, California-

Palo Alto High School, California

Dougherty Valley High School, California

Lewis and Clark College, Oregon

Inspire to Aspire – Club at UC Davis


HIP Professional Members affiliated with…

Valor Vereda, Argentina –

Helden e.V., Germany –


Bubny Shoah Memorial, Prague – 

University of Southern California –

Horizonte, Utah –

Each One Reach One –

Central Oregon Community College, Oregon

Pasadena City College, California

…and more!


HIP Training Centers

Czech Republic HIP Training Center –

Palo Alto University –



Hero Construction Company –

Hero Round Table –

MagnifyMoney –

Institute for Humane Education –

Bystander Revolution –

SpeakOut SpeakUp –