We have created a core program of 6 modules we call “Understanding Human Nature”. Each module contributes to the training of everyday heroes in a profound and unique way. We differ from other approaches to social change in two major ways.

First, we focus on the dynamics of everyday social situations, rather than on the personalities and character traits of individuals, as important as they are.

Second, we don’t stigmatize our biases and automatic reactions to difficult situations. Rather, we see our tendencies to “watch and wait,” to “go along to get along.” and to make hasty judgments about others as normal and human.  In doing so, we reduce people’s defensiveness to their own instances of these normal behaviors, thus enabling them to more easily break free of them.

All of our programs combine rich academic content with engaging videos and hands-on activities that young people find surprisingly playful and that our clients (schools, colleges, and youth organizations)—can tailor with us to fit their unique needs.


The Six Modules

The Bystander Effect: Transforming Passive Inaction into Heroic Actions

Help your audience overcome the social forces that can prevent them from taking action in unclear or emergency situations, and gain the skills to respond wisely and effectively.

The Mindset Intervention: Replacing Fixed Mindset with Growth Mindset

Help your audience shift from a fixed mindset—a belief that one cannot change one’s abilities or personal characteristics such as intelligence—
toward a growth mindset—a belief that one can improve aspects of oneself with time and effort.

Enabling Social Conformity to have Positive Impact

Help your audience gain an increased awareness of their automatic tendencies to conform in social situations, and replace those tendencies with healthy behaviors.

Managing Stereotype Threat Effectively with Adaptive Attributions

Help your audience reduce or eliminate the effects of stereotype threat and unhealthy attributions on learning and performance.

Developing Situational Awareness of Authority Power

Help your audience gain awareness of how group influence and situations affect decision-making, and strategies to address social situations mindfully

Reversing Prejudice and Discrimination to Promote Understanding and Acceptance

Help your audience gain awareness of their 
tendency to make assumptions about other people and groups, and conversely gain resilience when they experience prejudice and discrimination from others.

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