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Bridging the digital divide through compassion, innovation and inspiration.

Volunteerism and communitarianism are guiding principles at HIP. We partner with peer organizations to provide our supporters with opportunities for volunteer service in the community, and also sponsor and direct certain volunteer projects in-house.

One such program is TechHeroes, which matches high school students with elderly nursing home residents, to whom they teach technology skills, and from whom they hear stories of heroic lives lived in a different era. The program allows the elderly to tell their stories while accessing the technology that allows them to feel connected. And it allows student to impart their technology skills while connecting with elders who have had a significantly different life experience. TechHeroes fosters a deeper engagement between students and their elder “technology students,” while providing measurably improved mental and physical health for the seniors involved.

Bridging the Digital and Cultural Divide

Technology has become a vital part of our everyday life, but unfortunately our seniors are often left behind. The TechHeroes Program addresses this problem, utilizing technology and the valuable asset of youth as teachers to connect seniors with the world of the information age. It connects youth and seniors through access to technology, increasing their connection with the world, their loved ones and a wealth of knowledge.

The Internet has become the library of today and the communication hub for sharing email, photos and video. TechHeroes provides access, support and tools necessary to successfully navigate this high-tech conduit. In an effort bridge the digital divide for seniors, the program fosters increase mental health, and aptitude through effective use of technology as a tool for communication, media and information.

An Innovative Partnership

Launched September 2010, TechHeroes is an innovative service learning program in local area schools from the Palo Alto area. Summit High School, Everest High School, Gunn High School, Palo High Alto High School, Castilleja School, Nueva School and Woodside High School students will or have participated in TechHeroes as service learning tutors/teachers for the residents of Sunrise Senior Living in Palo Alto. These students share their knowledge and skill with seniors, tutoring technology and offering support and guidance for getting plugged into the Internet revolution. TechHeroes is a grant funded program supported for two years by The Heroic Imagination Project with support staff and program management and technology tools by Hewlett Packard. Please feel free to visit the program site during program times.

Tech Heroes Program Times:
* Monday-Friday: 12:30pm-2:30pm (January 9-27th)
* Saturdays from 10:00am-3:00pm except holidays

Please contact us to learn more and schedule an on-site visit:
Jenny Donegan, Program Manager: 831-334-0003 or jennydonegan@gmail.com
Mike Jones, Activites Director at Sunrise Senior Living: 650-326-1108

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For more information, visit the following websites: