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Weekly Social Fitness Challenge








Here at HIP we believe in working on our Social Fitness through daily workouts. Just as a person exercises to condition their muscles and develop muscle memory, a person can do regular Social Fitness workouts to prepare themselves to act courageously, wisely, and compassionately in challenging social situations.

Similar to an exercise routine, the weekly challenges will cover strengthening and flexibility exercises such as practicing courageous conversations across a variety of social situations, taking the perspective of others, showing appreciation, and expressing gratitude.

Click here to expore our weekly challenges.

Helpful tips:

Writing down a specific behavioral goal is a great way to maintain focus on your goal.

Success does not depend on the outcome; acknowledge yourself for making the effort!

Developing a self-supportive statement is a helpful alternative to automatic thoughts.

Practicing courageous conversations with a partner can help you to build confidence
and skill when it comes time for the real conversation.