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Collaborative Research Opportunities

Are you a specialist interested in researching educational achievement and equality, intervention theory and design, social influence resiliency, and the design of psychological solutions to social problems? We are looking for professors and talented graduate students to help us further expand, test, refine, and publish our research on constructing interventions to enhance the academic and social success of students.

Our work centers on creating lasting positive shifts in the following psychological processes:

- Social conformity and the bystander effect
- Situation blindness and social automaticity.
- Mindset
- Adaptive attributions including stereotype threat
- Bullying
- Prejudice and group perception

Our framework utilizes a number of intervention techniques from educational research that have been demonstrated to provide long term positive outcomes for students. Additionally, our unique approach is centered around providing a metacognitive model of the psychological process we attempt to change directly to participants and presenting the research on creating change in the target process as skills that can be mindfully developed over time and adapted to the specific constraints of unique situations. This approach transforms participants from passive recipients to active collaborators in the attempt change their behavior and attitudes and potentially allows the effects of such interventions to increase over time, as the participant can consciously and directly apply, practice, refine, and reflect upon the material presented in the intervention long after it ends in the course of their everyday lives.


- Prior research experience
- Access to university research resources (grant or internal funding, IRB approval)
- Access to subject pool of undergraduate or high school students (random assignment to condition, control groups, ability to track longitudinal outcomes)


- Become oriented and trained in our unique approach to educational interventions
- Work directly with our team
- Contribute significantly to this growing and vital field
- Get published early on this groundbreaking research
- Help directly improve the academic and social success of students

Contact Bryan Dickerson, Associate Director of Research and Education at the Heroic Imagination Project, for questions or to apply for collaborative research opportunities. Bryan@heroicimagination.org