The Banality of Heroism (pdf)
Zeno Franco & Philip Zimbardo

Could You be a Hero? (pdf)
Elizabeth Svoboda

Fostering the Heroic Imagination (pdf)
Zeno Franco, Kathy Blau, Philip Zimbardo

The Captain Who Fell Into the Lifeboat (pdf)
Zeno Franco & Matt Langdon

What’s Holding You Back From Becoming a Hero? (link)
Scott T. Allison


Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (link)
Scott T. Allison, George R. Goethals and Roderick M. Kramer

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (link)
Philip G. Zimbardo


Heroism: A Conceptual Analysis and Differentiation Between Heroic Action and Altruism (pdf)
Zeno E. Franco, Kathy Blau, and Philip G. Zimbardo

Hero Worship: The Elevation of the Human Spirit (pdf)
Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals


The Psychology of Evil (YouTube link)
Philip Zimbardo at TED

How to be a Hero-in-Training (YouTube link)
Philip Zimbardo at Hero Round Table


Heroism Science (link)
Promoting the Transdisciplinary Study of Heroism in the 21st Century

Heroes: What They Do and Why We Need Them (link)
A Commentary on Today’s Heroes